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If you're a budding web designer or developer, check out these websites for inspiration. Are you eager to learn more as a novice web designer or developer?

We're happy to take a peek at the sites listed below to help you with your online design and development work and learn new things too.

Learn more about the following elements to help you understand where your web design expertise will take you. To stay up to date with current trends in websites, apps, and digital services, designers and developers should check out the websites listed below.

What Does A Designer Do?

web development

A designer and developer is a professional who designs and develops creative works for clients or as part of a company's internal team. These professionals are usually responsible for everything related to the design of their project including the website, logo, colour scheme, typography, layout etc. You can come up with a product/service that appeals to your target audience just by having a solid understanding of what excites them about your idea.

Knowledge of key marketing techniques is an added advantage when you want to launch a product or service successfully online. For example, you can use marketing strategies like viral marketing to get people talking about your product in no time.

A designer or developer may be required by clients to work on specific software and web applications. With the help of these apps, they can develop websites and other digital products faster.

Web development tools speed up their creative workflow as well as that of designers & developers working with them. A web professional should always have a clear idea of what works for their client's target market when it comes to designing an online product or service.

What Skills Do I Need?

A web professional needs several skills to do their job well. A strong understanding of business objectives is necessary when creating unique products and services that appeal to the target market of any brand or company. Knowledge about marketing techniques can come in handy too because it will help you identify the target market and create an engaging online experience that will encourage customers to buy from you.

website free

Web designer has a variety of tools to help them manage projects in a systematic manner. It's important they can use various creative visual tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma or InDesign easily. Executing tasks on time is necessary for delivering high-quality work consistently. A professional should be able to solve problems independently even if there are errors in the original design mockups provided by clients.

Online Web Development Classes

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Web Developer Portfolios

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[image from dribbble.com]

Web-based portfolios are better suited for directing traffic to your website than to Twitter, Dribble and GitHub. There are several ways of sharing your work and gain the desired recognition.

web development
[image from github.com]

Web Resources Depot

digital marketing
[image from dzone.com]

Web Resources Depot is a great way to keep up to date with what's currently available. DZone is a social news site for developers and users can vote for submissions. developerWorks offers many articles and tutorials about development topics.

Design Float

digital marketing
[image from designfloat.com]

Design Float is social media created for web and graphics designers. Like Dzone, people get to vote up submissions and posts. the developer is a community-run by developers for developers to share tips and tricks on PHP, Ajax, JavaScript, SQL and more.


design process
[image from css-tricks.com]

CSS-Tricks is my all-time favourite web development language to work with. CSS is what makes pages on the web look beautiful. Snippets and CSS snippets can be found on the popular CSVN-R's web development toolset.

I highly recommend that you dive deep into HTML and CSS to learn how to develop with your new tools.


web designers
[image from github.com]

GitHub is a community-driven development platform that is based on over 23 million developers. Users can sign up and host code for their websites or apps for free are two different options for you to share your own knowledge.

Stack Overflow

web developers
[image from stackoverflow.com]

Stack Overflow is another community-driven development platform. Over 50 million developers use the platform to learn more and share their wisdom on the web.

There is a dedicated Q&A area with over 16 million answers to your coding related questions. You can also use the site to find the right developer job posting to launch your web development career.

W3 schools

web developers
[image from 3schools.com]

W3 Schools is the largest web developer site on the net. Anyone looking to learn or improve their web development skills should pay the site a frequent visit.

For more details about how to use HTML and CSS in HTML, CSS, JavaScript or any type of web programming language with a web-devil tool. This week's edition of the News quiz challenges you to think up your favourite web development tool and learn about your design choices this week.

UX Movement

design and development
[image from uxmovement.com]

UX Movement is a blog focusing on user experience . You should follow it to stay up to date with the latest and best UX code of practice.

The blog offers news, tips and ideas about what is really good and what is the best user experience of your design to read the latest modern web design Trends for UX Designers and Developers hosted on various sites.

Code Project

Code Project
[image from codeproject.com]

Code Project is another developer community-driven website. The site is primarily aimed at programmers. It has over 13 million people.


[image from sitepoint.com]

SitePoint is one of the largest community-driven development hubs on the web. SitePoint provides all the latest news and trends, UX tips and more.

Web Design News

Web Design News
[image from webdesignernews.com]

Web Designer News is the best way to stay up to date with all the latest news and trends on Web Development.

Bookmark it even if you like to follow the site and use it very well. Visit us to read our latest updates on developments and trends in the news.

Web Design Depot

Web Design Depot
[image from webdesignerdepot.com]

Web Design Depot is a great place to find the latest design info, news, trends, trends. A website community of 1million people has a community of more than 1 million.

Andrew Borstein

Andrew Borstein
[image from andrewborstein.com]

Andrew Borstein has all the key factors and features that make a good general portfolio. The portfolio is straightforward, clean, with good priorities.

It's easy to learn about him, see that he's a full-stack web developer, find examples of his work, and contact him directly. Borstein offers a great example of a well-written portfolio for all aspiring web designers.

Cory Hughart

Cory Hughart
[image from coryhughart.com]

Cory Hughart's website has a unique heading and background animation. It also uses a pixel design image to clarify its personal portfolio.

The intro paragraph has a small and simple sentence, encouraging you to scroll down. We looked at some of the top web developer portfolios on our favourite sites before settling on this one.

Albino Tonnina

Albino Tonnina
[image from albinotonnina.com]

Albino Tonnina's front-end portfolio uses simple icons and images. His website also offers an option that gives viewers the chance to see his resume.

This is helpful for those who don't want to scroll through all of his quirky animations. The site could use a few more illustrations just to break up the text and blog posts.

Pascal van Gemert

Pascal van Gemert
[image from pascalvangemert.nl]

Pascal van Gemert's personal website uses a scrollbar to make sure users don't get too busy on a single page. The Dutch web developer has several pages that includes a large amount of information on one page without getting overwhelmed.

The scrollbar prevents users from having to navigate through different pages while learning about their work and personal journey.

Jack Tomaszewski

web development
[image from jtom.me/portfolio]

Jack Tomaszewski leads both the front and back-end of a full-stack web developer. His finished website showcases all work experience on the homepage, which makes it easy to access and view. His portfolio shows a basic layout and showcases all of his work experience on the homepage.

Riccardo Zanutta

Riccardo Zanutta
[image from riccardozanutta.com]

The highlight of Riccardo Zanutta's portfolio is that he lays out his case studies using only minimal detail. He also lays out many beautiful visual elements and references in the pages. His portfolio shows his efficiency and skill set.

Fabian Irsara

Fabian Irsara
[image from fabianirsara.com]

Web developer portfolio features an intriguing one-page. It zooms into focus and zooms out of focus as users scroll further down the page. Headshots are designed by Fabian Inara.

Dries Van Broek

Dries Van Broek
[image from driesvanbroeck.be]

Dries Van Broek's website displays a selection of pieces of art that appear as soon as the page loads. The Belgian artist Pierre Bouvier is known for his paintings.

Pavel Huza

Pavel Huza
[image from pavelhuza.com]

Pavel Huza is a Czech Republic-based front-end developer and web designer. He is focused on creating clean, user-friendly experiences and websites.

Sean Halpin

Sean Halpin
[image from seanhalpin.design]

This is an example of a portfolio that precisely presents the author's personality and skills. This full-stack web developer shares knowledge, advice, tips, and tricks over the course of his blog posts.

A next-level approach to digital innovation

[image from webfx.com]

WebFX is an easy way to track digital marketing performance, conduct industry research and calculate ROI.

WebFX's proprietary digital marketing platform makes it easier than ever to tinker with search engine optimization (Blog SEO), look at mobile development and track online advertising using a free, quick and seamless process.

The platform's range of features includes the ability to analyze up to five years' worth of data about your website's SEO performance for keywords Research, read industry news from more than 3,000 sources, create company profiles in 25 different categories and conduct trend research on individual digital marketing channels or entire companies.

The WebFX platform is increasingly becoming an invaluable resource when making big decisions about the future of businesses both large and small.

Product design

web design

Every developer has their own style and spends dozens of hours to create their own websites. Out of all of the examples we gathered, none of them had any issues and all ran smoothly.

Check out more similar portfolio examples from the Noupe UX portfolios article to get an idea about what to pay attention to in user experience design and how to look at user experience in the web design industry.

Visit their websites and see for yourself and if you are interested in more similar portfolios, check out our own web design portfolios.

You can also check out this amazing developers list that will help you to find developers from all over the world.

Design faster. Collaborate better.

Design faster
[image from mockplus.com]

Mockplus is a tool for prototyping and collaborating with designers. Mockplus offers the ability to communicate with a design team.

You can easily share design resources among team members, and developers can finish coding faster by getting feedback from designers earlier on.

It has a simple drag-and-drop editor that allows developers to quickly build high fidelity prototypes with rich interactions.

website free easy

As developers become part of the design process, they gain a better understanding of how to implement designs as well.

Mockplus captures developers' feedback in real time and automatically updates the visual layout accordingly so that developers are always working with up-to-date designs.

This helps developers work efficiently without having to spend extra time updating static design assets or constantly switching between tools during development.

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