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Designers, photographers, web designers - we've got you covered! It's never been easier than this: customers will get high-quality services in less time and at unbeatable prices! Try out one of these attractive designs and see how easy it is!

Unique and elegant design Highlight your content with a neat and structured layout that looks great on any screen size. The website is fully responsive and compatible with all devices: smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Every element of the template will adapt to look perfect. With such a high level of responsiveness, you'll save plenty of time, hassle and money!

You can focus on what's most important: growing your business or portfolio. It doesn't matter if you're selling digital products like e-books or online courses, physical items like jewellery or fashion apparel, or services like web design and translation.

Homepage: A brief introduction

The homepage of your portfolio should include a biography which is a summary description of what you are. If a potential client is looking only for a designer based in Barcelona he will want to immediately see whether you match these criteria.

Many web page portfolios will include a separate page specifically describing the kind of services the design agency offers. It is important that site visitors understand what you specialize in and if what you may offer they will likely find the most useful.

Make sure you also describe the services you offer although this can also appear on your website or both. If you're a remote worker you can clearly express the role.

About: Who you are

Employers seek companies looking for designers who are bold, confident and obsessed with their work. Your “About” page should tell you the kind of person you are going to work with and how you can achieve amazing results from creating the client's website.

You will want to be as unique as possible as well as conventional at least on some levels and use this opportunity to shine among their competition. You can also look at How your About page should look on your job application form.

This includes answering questions such as “Describe a problem which made you want to become a design designer?”.

Work: What you have to share

This is where you should consider carefully which of your web designer projects represents your skills, experience and style as a designer. Never neglect the value of testimonials in the portfolio. Potential clients want to see the positive feedback from people with whom you have worked.

These also represent a positive enjoyment and fun relationship between you and employees that are always viewed positively by those hiring them. It is also better to describe what your design workflow included such as the tools you used etc. You should also ensure to contain a link to the prototype or to your actual site.

website free

Choose the right platform for your online graphic design portfolio website

Many website builders now make it easier enough to create and manage one's own graphic design portfolio website.

Choosing a platform that concentrates on creating online portfolio websites will give you lots more options on showcasing images, videos, gallery layout themes etc. that are well-suited for online portfolios. The only way to find the best builder is to narrow down the exact tasks on a website.

There is currently 6 best website builder for 2021. It may help you to choose which one you prefer best. WordPress is the best website builder if you don't have the technical knowledge or don't want to invest your time or money in creating a custom made website that you can.

Good examples for web design portfolios

Dann Petty

Dann Petty is a well-known freelance designer who develops websites for major companies like Google, Airbnb, North Face and Uber. His website features an excellent statement describing what kind of design services he offers. In the following section is a wonderful gallery of his work in the hope that he could explain some of his past work.

There is a clear call for action with his contact information repeated several times. Take note of Dann's website and find the best places for you to place your contact information in several places especially since that's the goal of your portfolio website.

portfolio website design
[image from dann.thatportfolio.com]

Cameron Ward

This is an excellent example of a simple product design portfolio that is built on WebFlow. The homepage has a stunningly simple design that hits the point perfectly, a critical requirement for a prospective client looking to hire a site designer.

It is better not to have too many examples that demonstrate the quality of the job that demonstrate deepness and your skills as a writer and a designer.

You should include no one project that you have ever designed - just be selective and show your best. Get selective’ and show your best design work by getting deep expertise.

portfolio website design
[image from cameronwardux.com]

One Design Company

A Chicago based web design company  maintains a portfolio website for a portfolio website. The company offers an array of services from research for users to journey mapping prototyping and more.

Take a look at the fun animation in the header design of this website to welcome a visitor and share more details with a visual aid. It is a great example of a company portfolio website for an individual rather than the company or agency in that it shows their case studies.

Further information is provided in the case studies on how they get to the right solution through iteration and how they can find the right solutions through user research, prototyping, prototyping and more.

web design projects
[image from onedesigncompany.com]


One way to distinguish Ueno from other agencies with their snappy copywriting is to see when they show it off throughout their website. Do you love amazing pictures or are you artistically good at animation?

Find ways I could incorporate these into my website. We can learn a lot about how to fine tailor our portfolio websites from award-winning agencies from agencies like Ueno.

We will end here with the last example from an Ueno case study for Verve showing you how they restructured the Verve website experience to attract more of the same clients.

web design projects
[image from ueno.co]

Let clients know you

The form that lets your readers know who you are is always on your About Page. It's about finding out which elements of your personality you would rather emphasize such as bold tastes or your knack for bright colours and your writing and communication skills.

You can also consider your choice of picture images in order to represent your personality whether it's choosing photographs of beautiful scenery and countryside, contemporary art photographs of you hard working with walls of thought maps around you. We'll talk about this component later in our post. The floor is yours. Use your portfolio to showcase your personality in your portfolio.

Please keep it simple and stupid.

Best graphic designer portfolios aim to showcase working from an easy and interactive interface. Follow best practices and choose a clean, minimal design highlighting your graphic design work as important components in the viewing experience.

The website design should not undermine or distract the design experience with your project portfolio. Instead, it will serve as a backdrop to showcase your work or make it easy for web visitors to explore your online portfolio.

Which design styles work best for portfolio websites?

Use tile layout to put as many examples as possible on the page. Another good way to highlight your skills is using your portfolio as a case study section.

Choose a format that allows you to add written content explaining how to improve your work. It could be everything from a successfully built construction company website or a delighted couple on their wedding day depending on what you do. Use a mosaic to show that your work was doing well by comparing it to those in your portfolio.

Use a digital portfolio to showcase your skill on a brand new level. Choose a style that works for showing the best way of communicating.

What colour schemes should I use for my portfolio website?

No theme or style for our portfolio site. So it's impossible. Try using colours based solely on your brand or helping convey and provoke an expression or feeling.

Choose a bright contrast that people appreciate looking at. But most importantly it will be possible to choose colours and designs that really enhance your portfolio. If you are an architect, you can make your design background an illustration of a blueprint. But maybe? Your plans have tiles colour clashes!

website free

Invest in a good graphic design portfolio website

Website Free platforms - such as Bechance, Coroflot or DeviantArt is not intended to create your own portfolio website. Invest in one of our real portfolio websites and connect our custom Domains to it.

With your own website, you make your branding and control what your job is regarded and how you are perceived by potential clients and employers. Investing in a real portfolio site is a worthwhile and rewarding investment.

Investing in a real site and connecting your custom domain would be a tremendous boost for your online portfolio site. It would be nice if you were a professional and made you feel serious and successful.

Online portfolios demonstrate your expertise

Clients primarily want to see a tangible work that a designer can produce. Clients want to see what your thought process entails and how you would take your idea and turn it into visual content.

Once a prospective employer sees what you do, they will get to know whether your design experience, style or otherwise suit what they wanted. The client wants to see how you take a blank canvas and produce a unique, impressionable website in which they communicate well who they are and what they do, apply your creativity and design skills. It's usually good for a designer to show clients how to respond to challenges.

Analyze and bookmark your favourite portfolio websites

Every time you go to new websites - whether that be a portfolio or not - analyze which sites work and which don't. Even a bad portfolio website can easily be improved but only when you develop a sense of excellent web designer do you see what the distinction is made?

Do not forget to save a library of portfolio sites to reference when you want inspiration when creating the best portfolio. I personally use Evernote to save bookmarks of not just web portfolio websites I love but websites in general that are great examples of Web designing. This video shows Simple ways to make your portfolio look pro.

Create your brand

Brand Identity must not only look good it should also represent your personality as a designer. Create your own logo is the first step in developing your personalized identity. It follows this by including a clear and professional style on your homepage, LinkedIn profile and even as a company logo.

Marcus Artis' distinctive logotype creates a memory immediately, Marcus Artis. Markartis’ distinctive Logos create instant reminders and instant recurring Memorabilia. Marcus Artis' trademark logotype is a perfect logotype.

Curate your work

The premise of creating a perfect graphic designer portfolio is simply to showcase your best work for the market without losing its simplicity.

Make sure this list is not too large. Review your portfolio to make sure it is cohesive and represents you. Put your best ideas upfront and put the best in a portfolio t.

Show 3–5 of your best work examples

Many architects make the mistake of listing every single product in their portfolio. It's an enormous mistake.

Instead of introducing 3–5 of your best works, give fewer but better quality examples rather than small incomplete and mediocre examples if possible.

Write about the process behind your work.

Ux web design Southampton

A graphic designer's portfolio should be more than just images of your work. Add authenticity and context to your work by sharing your thoughts behind the project.

Write about what was the start and endpoint of the design process, which was the challenges and requirements of the project brief and how the final design solution fulfilled these needs. Tell me the impact of the findings on your portfolio project.  

Standard web design portfolio website template resumes are similar to what was used for years by professionals the world over. The standard layout is an easy-to-read, informative and well-organized body of work links with a few headshot images on the side.

They are usually created in an easily accessible online portfolio area, but may also be offered as PDFs or paper documents if you are more comfortable this way. Professional Web Design Portsmouth Portfolio Website - Sample Free Templates There are many ways that they can be used but most typically they include your name, contact details, site overview and biography along with sample projects showcasing your work.

web design projects
[image from flowbase.co]

Add a blog

Add a blog to your site to tell back-the-scenes stories of your life as a designer. Write about your ongoing experimentation in my free time. Showcase your personality and make things look nice.

Have a clear purpose

If you have an interest in a job, focus on the work you want doing most and display similar work upfront.

If your graphic designing online web design portfolio is only for building up to one company's reputation you can have many opportunities to exhibit experimentations and personal work that you have done as well as commercial work.

If they're freelancers in need of a client list, highlight your success case studies and emphasize the way you helped a client succeed. Moreover, incorporating some client testimonials for the online portfolio is useful.

If a freelance web designer wants to build her brand, expose her personal work and commercial work. If you want a client experience, include a few client case successes.


website free


When considering what to include on your portfolio website, you should decide if the site is for a single person or multiple people.

If it's for yourself and you don't want to share any of your work (for personal reasons), then an individual portfolio may be best. However, if there are several designers who plan to collaborate on projects together on one portfolio page, this would require a team design portfolio type.

A video can also help with communicating more about oneself as well as demonstrating skills such as coding or animation that cannot be communicated through still images alone. Make sure when deciding which kind of web designer portfolio suits the needs that you choose wisely so that it will accurately represent what they do and their personality!

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