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BING and Yahoo together command 33.6 % of the search engine market share in the USA. Bing processes almost 80 per cent of searches related mainly to education automotive and communications.

Many marketers have noted that Bing traffic converts better than Google traffic 'cos Bing' has an average demographic that is older and arguably have more money to spend. If you have invested in SEO with GEO you're not far from Google and other similar search engines.

After all, there's not a whole lot of difference between search engines. What is different is the way you approach your bing SEO. It doesn't matter if you're doing bing SEO for your brick and mortar location or bing SEO for an online business. In this blog, we can find out that Bing SEO has some features which are different from other search engines.

A simple guide to Bing SEO

Since most Internet marketing is directed at Google Bing has less competition than Google. With a 21.3% market share of Yahoo search, Bing has various channels that are popular in different verticals.

Bing traffic has a smaller bounce rate as well. Matthew Woodward argued Bing traffic was more effective than Google traffic.

They also visited more pages. And most of the SEO techniques that exist in Google's case remain.

You can eat Bing pie with less effort, as Bing has much more transparent ranking factors. Titles and description in Bing are more relevant than Google

Bing determines search results through a formula with three different types of ranking factors. The algorithm is not that complex.

Bing's organic listings were built on the idea that relevance is worth paying for and so bing uses "Relevance + Paid = Organic". Paying your way to bing may help but bing uses other signals too.


1. Relevance

Your title and keyword appear in the meta-description tag which every bing user sees, therefore the title needs to be specific.

So if you are targeting keywords 'cheap SSD hard disk' don't use 'buy cheap hard disks'. Each time I write an article with this target bing is suggesting 'buy cheap hard disks' in bing search. For bing to use the title and description for ranking, it must be present with alt tags in your page.

2. Links

bings algorithm does count links from other sites, and you can buy these backlinks on bing ads networks, but quality counts more than quantity here - one link from a popular site might give 5 times as much weight as 10 links from low-quality sites.

Bing also uses their editorial team to nominate some high quality pages for bing spotlight which gets a boost in bing search results.

3. Click Through Rate

Bing counts actual clicks on a result as an important signal of how relevant a page is so bings algorithm takes CTR into account, but it will not penalize you for low CTR - there's no equivalent of bings panda update here.

Bing will incorporate high converting users with current traffic statistics. If Bing gets these, then they should get more of the market share by default.

The consequence is that bings algorithm often rewards sites which are very relevant to bing users but do not pay bing.

If you get good publicity bings spotlight may increase your search engine ranking for bing and bings editorial team can also help.

How long does it take to show results in bing vs google?

According to statistics by search engine marketing expert Neil Patel, bing has provided benefits about one week after you have made changes to your site.

Which is significantly faster than the three weeks required by Google's organic optimization. However, bing works differently and uses some core algorithms that are different from those used by Google.

That's because bings crawlers periodically visit websites daily rather than recording it and then revisiting it. bing also visit websites more frequently which means that it is able to index changes made very fast than Google.

How is Bing SERP ranking is different from Google and why it matters?

image Google

(SERPs) - Search Engine Results Pages.

When Google launched it introduced images for browsing and the ability to scroll in unlimited detail. Videos can also be searched easily using Bing although YouTube is a Google trademark. The biggest difference between Bing and Google is their power in voice based devices.

At least one of them had the same functionality used in 2017 for nearly 35 million Americans. And of them, more than 70% was Amazon Echo users and Amazon Alexa used Bing.

Google now offer this feature, although not the first - Google provides it now too.

You can search for different layouts and view licensing details for each image for example without needing to think of where to look.

Other technical SEO differences

While you trust it to index your site you can trust Google to crawl and index all your website pages but it prefers to concentrate on your key pages and crawls your webpages.

Bing also has a setting for Robots that will have any of your maps ping them for indexing automatically.

For more examples that differ from Google, see the Bing Webmaster Guidelines. In both the United States and the UK more Bing SEO resources are available as follows.

Bing Webmaster Tools

bing ranking
[image from oncrawl.com]

First, bing webmaster permit you to download your bing Webmaster report and compare it with bing search query reports. This feature is very helpful since bing search engine still works on an old-fashioned report interface and not on a dashboard like that of Google webmaster tools.

Bing webmaster offer more content than Google in the sense it uses bold text to highlight issues or opportunities where the bing crawlers experience difficulty indexing your pages or accessing them.

The bing webmaster tool enables you to view all the crawl errors that arise from bing bots' inability to access your pages because of robots.txt restrictions or broken links as well as another accessibility issue such as 404 errors.

Bing vs Google: Technical SEO

Technical SEO

When creating permanent redirects for SEO use 301 redirects instead of short-term 302 redirects. Often 302 redirecting causes issues on Google. Of course, the systems of Bing works.

This is because it will assume a 301 redirect like a 302 redirect once it has already been crawled. In some cases, you have used a temporary redirect and should not use 302 redirects.

This is one of the many ways that you can use this SEO technique. It ensures that when there are any variances between these sources, you will receive favorable results for Bing and Google.

Google Advanced Features

Currently, Google's position leads however with many unique functionalities to offer authentic results. In fact, Bing features are specifically aimed at promoting clear custom searches.

Bing offers three advanced search operations which do an equally good job. Google's Voice Search” does not require typing. Google currently provides other services such as Contacts Google, Gmail, and Google.

Advanced features of Bing

Both Bing and Google can be used when it comes simple work. But on those more advanced requests, technical searches have some variation.

Google search has been in the business for long ages it knows this issue better. If you're trying to get better results Google is your best choice. The Bing rewards are good even if they are available only in US.

If you use the Bing rewards, you earn points which can be combined to redeem gift cards. For 'simple jobs' two search engines are good in summary but Google is more suited to searching results. Some search terms may show up better in Bing than at Google.

Takeaway on Bing vs Google SEO

Bing refers to content that can be rendered on your site without having the rich media. This would look like the view other crawlers will see. Consider using optimisation tools.

This helps you see how your site appears to different crawlers and ensures that all the important content are visible. Use Google and Bing to discover your website and how its looking.

Differences in user interface & tools

The search engines will display information to searchers about related searches, photos, businesses, and reports. One of Microsoft Bings' cool features is the ability to extract data from the Google Search Console.

The keyword research software of Google and Microsoft Bing has decent insights into performance: One area where I doubt Google falls behind is the search console information Google offers you.

- bing and Google search consoles offer insights into your keyword performance Bing goes a step further by providing data on Adwords Search Term performance.

- bing search console gives you the option to download the bing data as a .csv file and import it into your bing analytics account.

- bing search console bing has this really cool feature of the ability to import bing search data into google.

Improve SEO through Bing Webmaster Tools URL indexing

The Bing webmaster tool is a suite of tools for creating an online presence. It uses your own category and tags to understand the content on pages better, which means you will get better search results from Bing's provider as well as ads related to what you're looking for.

You need an account with Microsoft Outlook or Hotmail if using networks that use these services in order to access websites through it.

SEO Services Web Design Southampton -  Search engine optimisation has helped Southampton organisations get better results on Google and Bing.

Beyond Ranking Factors: Bing vs Google

Google and Bing have their differences, but they still share some features in common. For instance, both offer paid advertising opportunities for businesses to promote themselves online.

Google's SERPs maps are likely a big part of why the company is leading in this area--its map-based interface makes it easier than ever before to find things near you!

Google has been at the forefront when it comes to voice search technology because its services can be used with just your voice (no keyboard needed!).

There was even an entire blog post about how great this new development would be...until people started using Siri on their iPhones more often because that service could also do most everything by talking back!

Five Bing SEO tips to implement for optimization

Seo tips

The two search engines use BERT. This means keyword overloading manipulatory links, and other doubtable tactics cannot be employed to search results.

There are though certain things that one can do improve your ranking on Bing. Below are five tips that can be applied to your Bing marketing initiative.

1. Backlinks


Google gauge your trust through monitoring PageRank. Link ranking has very high weights and certain of these are much more valuable for spammer sites.

Bing has been focused much more on the age of the domains. According to Google they are hottest since the slice of the bread if you do good organic backlinks with good domains.

Most of these domains end with. Extension and-org. However you should avoid unscrupulous link building. As with Google. I'd caution people to have only 20 links created a month and focus on quality rather than price per link.

2. Keywords

Google searches for information about what you are doing to find where you are trying to go. Bing favorably gives its local results first.

But with broad-based phrases Bing is slightly rusty. Make rich sites backed by keyword research but focus on topic relevance. Use clear keywords that match the terms your target keywords within the search results of Bing.

Google has said Rankbrain is the third most important element of its ranking algorithm. This means that exact match keywords have no significance nearly as much as. For Webmasters Bing also advises that people "use targeting keywords whenever possible."

3. Meta Keywords

Google says meta keywords are dead. Meta descriptions and keyword keywords can (potentially) affect Search ranking. Google Meta Keywords is not ranking signals. Meta description can be hugely impacting result in Bing.

Google gives a reason no longer to abuse them or to start adding irrelevant keywords to their meta tags so it's not going to give them all to be neglected. It doesn't have to search difficult to find articles about why should they not use meta keywords in their search results.

4. Social Signals

Secial Signals

Google treats Facebook and Twitter pages as a normal indexed website. Social signals are a key ranking factor. The way to rank in Bing is to keep an open eye in social media circles. Engage your followers and get as much likes as possible.

Get a comprehensive social media listening tool for your business - it will help you find everything people about you do on the web on the best search engine platform. Social media is time consuming and worthwhile if you optimize your SEO strategy for Bing.

5. Multimedia content

Bing has the ability to recognize and digest diverse types - video, audio. and images. Nonetheless it relies heavily on texts that can't be read, and some Flash-only sites are hidden by Bing.

However, when it comes to generating websites for websites built in Flash I wouldn't suggest you go out and build them as I do but you can build more multimedia content such as photos - videos. High-definition images are crucial but aren't given much as much weight in search engine rankings as those of videos. Search engines like Google don't crawl websites with Flash.

About Bing

Bing.com is a search engine developed by Microsoft. Before it was known only as Windows Live Search was revamped in 2009. However, initially the company launched this application to contend with the search engine Google.

The first update titled Tiger's was made after Bing was launched. And that brought up their first technologies of indexing. Moreover Bing's algorithm update rarely when compared to Google. This is crucial because a modification can affect the rank your website.

About Google

Is a company that analyzes the authority of backlinks. Google has expanded and today offers about 40 internet service providers. Today 70 per cent of the world uses the internet for searches.

Comparison with Google's system, Google's algorithm is mainly updated.This includes large update and small changes. Thus, this will ensure a perfect search engine page. Today the Google is leading in the industry.

Why marketers should focus on Bing?

Windows is able to power 1.5 billion gadgets worldwide. Microsoft Windows users redirect their search engine on its device includes searches for Microsoft Word or Skype-enabled apps,

Over 65 million Xbox owners are using Bing too.

When you try to pause to search for something online you will use usually Bing and not Google. If someone asks questions for you with Cortana or searches your lock screen you ask it from Bing. Tips for SEO on Google could usually match yours. If you are concerned about bing's runner-up reputation consider its parent company.

Best search engine.

Best search

This could have polarizing effects on the results as it would give specific explanations on the questions. However none of the search engines I was requesting seemed to be up to the task so I wrote one last question: "View or Change Default Search Engine if Microsoft Edge" Google answer this question with a list of the 10 most.

It had Google as number one on Google and also Bing next. Some will find "Adult" and often "Most Popular" are very small. Google though is not allegory. The next result was something named 14 excellent search engine you could use instead of google.

Bing vs Google: Technical SEO

When creating permanent redirects for SEO use 301 redirects instead of short term 302 redirects. Often 302 redirecting causes issues on Google. Of course the systems of Bing works. This because it will assume a 301 redirect like a 302 redirect once it has already been crawled.

In some cases you have used a temporary redirect and should not use 302 redirects. It makes it so that you will definitely get positive results for both Bing and Google when there are some disparities between these sources.

Pay attention to on-page

When going for your first page rank use on-page SEO not off-page optimization. Bing appears to have an overzealous preference for content when exact keywords match pages and meta content. In your content keywords may often appear under the heading of the URLs.

Use those keywords in the first paragraph of your website. This will also help when you wish to see your website get to the top of the. Backlinking still helps with Bing SEO but occasionally you might want to sacrifice the smooth readability. In URL slug names you may also want to use keywords if you are referencing slug names ids.

Smart Search results

Whilst Google is adopting "smart" features, such as unit conversions, cinema show hours, weather information or prominent people profiles, Such competition is healthy because it encourages businesses to provide better services.

Bing has also recently been made aware of some other features such as movie and game release dates .

Therefore if you rely on smart searching then stick to Google. A competitive context is when differentiation helps a company stand out among the rest of the industry's competitors and remain. It even helps companies come up with ways to remain ahead in the market and survive.

Featured search engines

The announcement means that Edge users must use Bing to search in Microsoft Office 365 Plus. What search engine is better? Does the vast majority of people rely on Google or is it that it's given Google all the data it needs to keep growing? Why do search engines really make sense? Do you mean multiple results?

Do you want latest results? It's not so easy to find an answer to a search. And there are all this advertising that populate a search results site and look for you everywhere like search engine results.


Search engines have changed a lot over the years. Bing started out as an improved form of MSN search that competed against Google. But this has changed too. It seems that Bing is capable of more now than it used to be.

Bing vs Google: Organic Search

Both companies use exact different algorithms. They aim to identify the best content the need the users. Bing prefers reputable content that has gained many users or has been live for a while. It has the same views about the use of popular websites and commercial ones.

Even though we can't optimize websites to work on these preferences for Google or Bing it is important to compare their responses to both of yours. Your site might receive some of these search algorithms. Why? Because it has such an example - edu or gov - that on the site are official domain domains.

Google's mobile-first indexing

Indexes mobile versions of websites to rank your page. It's important that every detail and mobile content is fully optimized to meet the desktop. Bing's policy on Indexing varies for specific content. According to Bings Christi Olson Bing does not plan to implement a mobile first indexing rule.

Users will always be able to enjoy the freshest and most relevant, reliable results no matter where they are from. Even so do use Mobile First Mobile Finder for SEO. So this will not impact your Bing ranking. Although important use Bing's s mobile indexing.

Advanced features of Bing

bing search engine
[image from searchengineland.com]

Both Bing and Google can be used when it comes simple work. But on those more advanced requests technical searches have some variation. Google has been in the business for long ages it knows this issue better. If you're trying to get better results Google is your best choice. The Bing rewards are good even if they are available only in UK. If you use the Bing rewards, you earn points which can be combined to redeem gift cards. For'simple jobs' two search engines are good in summary but Google is more suited to searching results. Some search terms may show up better in Bing than at Google.

Different ranking factors

Google and Bing have similar SEO ranking attributes but they have major variations. This is true in evaluating the weighting to certain ranking factors employed. For Bing, you will be able to make your new websites better. Even then they have suggestions that will allow your website to get in front of both engines.

The biggest difference between bing and google

So if you're in the market to get your website ranked on bing, it's important that you understand these differences before proceeding with optimization efforts. There are some major variations between bings and googles ranking factors. For instance, Bing prefers reputable content that has gained many users or has been live for a while whereas google doesn't seem to favor either of those things as much. Additionally, bing only uses mobile versions of websites to index whereas google will use any version they see fit depending on what works best--including desktop sites even though we can't optimize them specifically for this search engine preference!


Both have a higher content quality for their search engines. There are several things of particular interest that are more needed on Bing. One of them is prominence of on the site search engine. If your site is optimisen  then make sure that it contributed to your site a percentage amount of traffic.

Also bing is interesting for marketers because bing's users tend to have more money than people using google's engine. Still, bing is not a good place to go for quick results. It take bing time to understand your website and start sending bing traffic.

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