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There are plenty of free or paid methods for you to learn the basics, explore your creativity, or pick up new skills as a web designer

The internet offers an incredible wealth of resources and tutorials for anyone who wants to learn how to build custom websites, create website for free , designs for themselves or others, become better visual designers with HTML/CSS knowledge and even sharpen their illustration skills with vector drawing software.

Searching for the best web design courses, I've handpicked the following from a list of more than 300 tutorials available for free or paid.

Start with web design courses and end up a designer

designer Adobe XD
[image from Blogdumoderateur.com]

There are so many web design classes and design platforms like Adobe XD and Webflow. This includes the basics of grid and flexbox and responsive web design.

It's free to build and visually design a full portfolio website — completely free. Learn the basics and principles of web design in Figma, Adobe XD, Webflow and the CSS, HTML5 , and JavaScript. Know how to build a create a website using a simple website builder , web design portfolio using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

How can I learn the basics of a web design course?

Undoubtedly there are numerous free web development courses available that you can use to help you in this article.

After all, you have a degree! Try out new tools and technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 . You'll be able to even get a job just by knowing coding, no degree needed.

What about interactive prototypes for your web projects?

There is an abundance of resources and tutorials on the internet for learning the basics of Javascript such as JQuery Introduction Tutorial, Learn Javascript Properly, or Game Design: An Interactive Introduction. For beginners without any programming experience but with some art or design background

Designing with Adobe XD

Adobe XD
[image form Blogdumoderateur.com]

Instead of using Photoshop, you can use Adobe XD as the tool to create full screen design. It converts your rough sketches into fully functional prototypes for all possible devices and operating systems.

So it's time to make a new web design portfolio in Adobe XD than the old way using Photoshop or any other design software.

Learn from scratch to build real websites

Web design

There are so many free online courses to teach you how to create a website. This is perhaps one of the best ways in which anyone will start learning web designing offered by Google, Microsoft, - all offer basic education on this topic for absolutely no cost at all. - Learn how to use and apply UX design principles

A user interface is like the front of your home. Imagine what happens if you have no door or windows? If a person enters, it's going to be extremely uncomfortable. That's why your website should be appealing from all aspects of user experience including navigation bars, buttons and images.- Design with HTML5 + CSS

Many web developers forget about the fundamental language in HTML5, which allows you to design websites in visual mode using Bootstrap framework instead of coding. A free online course can teach you this approach completely for free.

Web design courses available

web design course Pitman
[image from pitman-training.com]

Pitman Training is offering a wide range of web designer courses and awards. There's no additional software or reading materials required, either. Just log in to your myPitman account and start studying your chosen course.

Whichever course you choose, whether online or in-centre, our experienced course advisors are with you every step of the way.

Get in touch for a free, friendly career consultation with training experts with training experts. Just log on to our site to complete your chosen design course today or register online to study your chosen course online and in the centre of the industry-standard training facility at Pitman Training.

website free easy

Time to get your hands dirty and make something beautiful. We can help you get started whether you are designing for the web or print.

On this website, we showcase the best design sites available online and in print. Hopefully, these examples will give you some inspiration while informing you of design trends - so that your next design project will be a hit.

Create a clean & simple website with Webflow

Webflow create a clean
[image from janlosert.com]

Jan Losert has put together a free web design course. The Czech designer gives a straightforward tutorial.  

Creating a Clean and Simple Website with Webflow. Works through every part of the project and gives a simple, stripped down example. Courses cover design principles including responsive web design, navigation, SEO.

The website has a wealth of free content, making it easy to find what you need regardless of where you are. For more information about the course, go to the site’s page design forum or through link here.

See how simple and simple the project is for beginners, and see how the flow of Webflow works. The website is free for anyone who wants to make their own site.

design website janlosert.com
[image from janlosert.com]

This beginner course helps you start your career as a web designer or expand your existing skills by looking at them from a different perspective. It's easy to follow the steps and create an impressive portfolio page on almost any web platform in just a few hours.

You will learn how to use the basics of HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap. Create your own portfolio without using web design and design tools. Make your website on any platform you want as a free service.

Online web design courses Design + Code

[image from designcode.io]

Design+Code offers free online courses on everything from design to web design. There's also a list of educational materials to help you learn all sides of the web design industry. Design+C is one of the world's most popular design and tech startups.

You can learn React, Vue, After Effects, Webflow or Vue for free. It's like shopping in a warehouse store for design geeks and the tech savvy, with shelves lined up with goodies to teach you new skills on the internet and at least one course per page is designed for a functional website with multiple pages containing interactions, CMS data, as well as payment processing.

It teaches how content, calls to action and incorporating customer feedback can enhance the user experience. Design+ Code's mission is to teach anyone who wants to learn from beginners online courses to advanced developers courses, and their goal is that it will be the best place for a beginner to start learning to develop interactive websites.

The Webflow Masterclass

web designer Ran Segall
[image from flux-academy.com]

Learning to code is a great way to understand both the design and programming sides of making websites. As one person who has learned how this Webflow Masterclass course by Ran Segall really gave me insights into what it means to be an independent web designer.

Ever since the days before there was even a thing called "internet," entrepreneurship has been one underlying thread that runs through coursework. Learning the skills to create customized websites not only makes you a better designer but someone who can charge a premium for what you do.

Along with tutorials in Webflow

image learn html

There are other materials to help you out in your career as a web designer. One of the hardest things when you're blazing the trail as a freelance designer is figuring out how much to charge.

There is a dedicated discussion on pricing our own work that will make this more well rounded course.

For web designers who want to grow, this course is a chance to broaden your knowledge and experience the no code movement firsthand.

You'll be taught how to create websites with Webflow even if you don't have any coding skills yet - it's perfect for those who are new or working in a creative industry.

Design. Build. Launch.

One of the best things about Caler Edwards' Design. Build. Launch. YouTube series is that it's really good because it will end up with your own portfolio website after completion, not only are you able to learn about the web design process but you will have something to use for yourself when you're done.

The Adobe XD web series begins with a set of excellent tutorials for UX and UI design before going into the more practical wireframing process.

As you create your first pages in Webflow, having these concepts in mind deepens your understanding of this essential design piece.

When it comes to web design

comes to web design

This course through stride and step-by-step in building a web design. Learn how put in linked navigation, Practice responsive web design, as well as assembling your layout with elements to build out your overlay.


webflow blog

It's like being a builder who can't figure out how to design an appropriate floor plan or understand architectural principles. Your work might be functional, but you're missing the more important details that make people want to keep on using it - even if it frustrates them.

The UX (User Experience) shapes how a person navigates and interacts with a website on an emotional level. The UI (User Interface) puts in place the controls and pathways to manoeuvre through it. Both disciplines take the raw materials of a page design and put them together in such ways so that people will have positive experiences when navigating through it.

For those with experience, it's easy to mix up what UI and UX are. You should know that UX (user experience) is concerned with how user flow and information architecture affects someone scrolling through a website.

Our recommendation for you is to realize that UI design focuses on the usability of menus and buttons and the visual styling of these elements. Learning how to talk about both UI design and UX without sounding like a dummy not only helps people trust what you do as a web designer; it better informs them about web design in general. Memories offers a richer education in both, so you can learn more about these respective web design disciplines.

Learn UI/UX

Learn UI/UX
[image from learnux.io]

Learnux.io offers a range of courses for web designers. When you land on their site, you're greeted with fresh and fun scroll-triggered animations, interactions, and smart page design - making a good first impression.

The UI/UX is well thought out; so you know you've found the right place for learning about this facet of web design.

The HTML/CSS paragraphs are valuable for those in the design industry who want to know how CSS and HTML work. Having a strong knowledge of these aspects will allow you to better understand Webflow once you start applying it there.

From the basics of UX and usability, through to the final handoff, these video courses cover every part of the design process. Learners who complete them will have a solid grasp on how to create their first website.

LinkedIn Learning

learning web design

There are more than 4,000 courses in web design to choose from. They're largely focused on beginners to intermediate levels. However, some courses aren't particularly well organised, with some quite old and some not fresh.


Treehouse website
[image from teamtreehouse.com]

The best online web design courses in the world. You can even write code inside the Treehouse App using a feature called Workspaces. Subscriptions offer you access to all the training courses on the site, start at £20/month. The quality and quality of instruction is first class, with quality of videos constantly updated.

Interactive quizzes and challenges are great incentive to encourage people to stay in school. There are special rates for companies and non-profits, schools, organisations and even businesses that use the site to pay for courses.

Free trial is available from $25/per month with subscription fees starting from £20 per month, but there are discounts for non-profit organisations and schools.

Treehouse's free trial

Service is available via subscription and month-long trial is also a free trial. The best online web design training is aimed at helping you develop your own skills in the right place for the better of your career prospects in the United States, not just for the sake of career prospects, but in the best location for the career-focused, the best service in the world has more free trials and costs around £7.99 per month.

Teachable is best known for being a graphic artist, but the fact that they want to build an online course for anyone who wants to teach and learn, and the fact that they are on the web design industry. Therefore, here are some of the best tools to help you identify where your skills are:

Learn how to use a set of free design tools, including the same online editor. To get started on your new career as an online website designer.

FAQ Questions Answered

What is web design about?

The first thing you need to know about your career in web design is learn the basics of HTML and CSS. They are the building blocks of web design and without them, you can't be a good designer or developer.

Browser compatibility, coding practices, cross-browser support everything comes forth from the basics of HTML and CSS. It may seem challenging at first, but once you learn the basic language, it will become a lot easier to use different tools to design web pages.

Web design is not just about making things look good on specific browsers. There are millions of users who surf the web with various devices like PCs, smartphones or tablets. Looking good on a PC is one thing, but designing something that looks great and also functions accordingly in all devices is another challenge for web designers.

Web design is not just about making things look good on specific browsers.

What do I need?

A computer with internet access.

-Time - this course is self paced so you should allow yourself enough time to work through the material in each of the units. You may want to set aside more time for later units if you would like to use what you have learnt earlier on in other projects or just for fun!

-An ability to type, a keyboard and mouse (although our site works on tablets/phones too).

What jobs can I get in web design?

Web design courses exist to help graphic designers refresh their skills, find additional knowledge or sharpen their web development skills.

The web designer is the one who creates websites but are not responsible for their management.

It's the online marketing manager that looks after all aspects of website development from SEO to email marketing.

Introduction Web design courses

webflow university
[image from university.webflow.com]

Design courses are crucial to staying afloat in a competitive environment.

As said earlier, each area has its own specialization &amp; web designing &amp; development is one of such areas which needs focus on specific things more than anything else.

Whatever be your background or educational qualifications, there are web design courses out there for you if you are keen to learn about them?

You can learn web design in a formal education setting, or in an online environment. In addition to the universities and colleges that offer web design courses, there are also many online resources available for those who want to learn more about web development.

Web Design & AMP - What's The Difference?

As mentioned earlier, should you review some of our previous articles, you will see that we most definitely have pointed out how web design and web development are both important elements in the process of creating a business or other online presence.

However, in this article series, we will talk specifically about the difference between web design and web development. While they are terms that may be used interchangeably by so many people, if you do some digging on the internet you will find these two terms being referred to as different entities altogether.

For instance, almost every job posting for a "web developer" also includes "web design" under what the person should be able to deliver upon gainful employment. In fact, most of them also include HTML and CSS skills even when those aren't necessarily needed.

But, the bottom line is that few agencies or companies are looking for a single person who will do both web design and development. So what's the difference? Well, the easiest way to think of it is by comparing them to two cars: one is like a sports car while the other would be more like an SUV or a pickup truck.

Their purposes greatly differ despite their similarities in appearance. Both are meant to get you from point A to point B but they each serve very different functions in getting there.

Although I am not going to attempt to explain exactly how these things work here (you can find some great articles elsewhere on this topic), let's at least touch upon why they should be treated as separate entities even if many people use them interchange.

Web Designers work in a wide range of occupations.

The median salary in Web Design is $69,430 per year. The role is expected to grow by 13 per cent through the next 20 years.

Jobs include Games Developer, Game Developer, Multimedia Specialist, UX Designer, UX Researcher, Web Content Manager, and Web Content Editor.  Job growth for web designers is on the rise but it also includes job experience in many other industries. It is possible to have a host of job opportunities depending on the Web, including Game Developer and S/S SEO Specialist.

How do I know if web design is right for me?

Web design is an ideal hobby or career path for anyone passionate about engaging with online communities. Learning web design might be right for you if you're interested in carving out space for yourself on the internet or helping others do so.

strikingly website

You might be a business owner who needs to create an online storefront or an artist who simply wants to create a site that shows off your portfolio. You may also be an entrepreneur or someone who needs the help of web design experts.

What do web designers do?

Web designers oversee everything regarding the user experience and user interface. Many careers within the web design field include the more general web designer or a specialized title like front-end designer or UI designer.

Web designers design, build, test, and maintain websites and apps. This includes the visual aesthetics, architecture, user flow, brand incorporation, branding and more.

How do I become a web designer?

Pitman Training is a CPD accredited web design training school. The company also offers web design courses to students who can learn at their own pace.

Pitman's courses

Offer expert and technical skills that web designers need to learn at home or in-centre. The courses are not only CPD-accredited but are also able to learn at the home or at the centre of each course.

In a web design course, you will learn how to design and build your own website. The course is divided into two parts - the theory part and the practical part.

The first part will teach you the basics of web design and the second part will help you apply those skills into building your own website.

The web design course will also teach you the technical parts of designing a website and will help you build your first custom website in three months.

What are the best courses for web design?

Webflow Academy is a one-of-its-kind web design project where you'll have complete control over what you create. In this course, we'll walk through everything from designing your layout to adding interactive elements, animations and even live coding in Javascript.

Instead of jumping into technical bits without any design context, we'll focus on the fundamentals of good design.

How can I learn web design?

webflow course portfolio
[image from university.webflow.com]

Read the beginners guide to web design. You can start with web design for beginners and then learn web design basics, to complete your series from beginner to advanced level.

All courses are explained by professional designers in detail with portfolios available on the site . Make sure that you practice every day to keep up-to-date with the most recent technologies and trends out there.

One of the most important things when learning web design is choosing a reliable platform or educational platform where you can get all the information you need regarding design, development and other aspects related to it.

The internet is filled with a wealth of web design courses both free and paid. Make sure you find the best course for your needs by determining what type of designer you are - whether it be a generalist or specialist in any number of fields (e.g., Web Design). There's no excuse to not learn how to build custom websites from scratch now that there are more than 300 online courses available on the subject.

The sky truly is the limit as long as you have an interest in learning about web design basics, designing sites for clients, or developing your own site through either free or paid methods! We hope this article has helped you stay up-to-date on all things related to web design and visual development so that you can make an informed decision on where to take your studies, whether you are a beginner or seasoned professional.

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