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Following the COVID challenges that have thrown numerous obstacles at local business owners, more people than ever know how they feel and want to help out by buying locally where possible.

Consumers who value supporting mom-and-pop shops but also demand quick access as well can do so now seamlessly through websites like Amazon Prime since many vendors offer this option on there site too!

Understanding Local SEO - The Local Visibility Advantage?

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Local business are at a disadvantage when it comes to digital marketing. They find themselves having the most trouble with SEO as they have an unfortunate lack of geographic diversity in their customer base and must compete against giant corporations who dominate online advertising. However, there is still hope for local business owners! It's possible to get your site out into Google search results by creating valuable content that speaks specifically about what you offer - and this will boost revenue from increased web traffic too!

The year 2020 was a horror show for many retailers and service providers. Still, it’s important to not fall behind in the local SEO Blog game after all, you don't want your competitors swooping in with promotions while you're still playing catch-up. Read on to learn how hiring an experienced search engine optimization expert can help take advantage of limited promotional resources by boosting online visibility and driving more traffic through organic searches!

The past few months have been tough for marketers across the board but as the locals among us know best: when times are tight anything goes wrong may be every company's wisest business investment this year just yet.

What is Google My Business?

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The free Google My Business tool is an easy way to promote local goods and services. Yet many business owners neglect taking advantage of the opportunity for a simple reason: not bothering to claim their listing.

When it comes to your company's online presence, the importance of having a Google My Business listing cannot be overstated. These days about one third of all local searches are made on smartphones or tablets for example looking up "restaurants near me". If you have incorrect information in your profile then customers might move onto the next result and miss out on an opportunity that could lead to them becoming loyal repeat-customers!

Google's Local Map Pack is a great place to get your business in front of potential customers. To do so, you need to complete the basic GMB listing for free and provide accurate contact details on it. You can also add other information such as opening hours or current offers if relevant!

A GMB listing often includes a call-to-action to ask customers for feedback in the form of Google Reviews. On one hand, this gives business owners an opportunity to improve their reputation with potential clients by highlighting positive reviews and responding quickly when there are negative comments or complaints; on the other hand, some think that it is unfair because not all consumers have access to these online tools which can provide valuable insight into customer satisfaction levels.

Google My Business listings offer businesses an easy way collect ratings from users about how they feel about your product/service offering as well as create opportunities for prompt responses if any issues arise in order take care of them before you lose customers who may be unhappy enough with service quality standards not needing repeat visits--or worse.

Why You Should Be Doing This Important Thing: Local SEO?

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The internet is a constantly evolving space where even small businesses can make their voices heard. 46% of all Google searches are for local products and services, so every business should try to have an online presence if they want clients to find them easily in the future.

SEO Local in : North Pole SEO or New York SEO is one of the most important factors in increasing your visibility online, and it's not just for big corporations. The goal when creating an SEO strategy should be to make sure that you are making smart decisions about how people can find you locally with regard to search engines.

How do I know if local SEO is working?

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There are many ways to invest in your business with web design  Southampton, but a local SEO campaign can be one of the most satisfying and rewarding. You'll see tangible results that will show you how much money is going into this investment as well: keyword ranking, website traffic- it's all there for you!

It's no secret that local SEO results are hard to measure. It will take time before you see an increase in enquiries and sales as your performance rating steadily grows, but it'll all be worth the wait.

It is important to understand that local SEO takes time and patience. You will not experience immediate results, but if you watch your performance rating steadily grow over the long-term as a result of increased searches on Google Maps, users can expect an increase in enquiries and eventual sales!

We're here to help you reach your goals, faster. From search engine optimization for local businesses, to social media and content marketing campaigns - we've got the tools necessary to get results!

SEO Local is always there when you need us most; with services that can be scaled up or down and customized according to your needs. We take pride in our work because it's a partnership between client and SEO expert where we find out what works best together so they can achieve their online business goals too.

What is a SERP?

image What is a SERP

In the modern world, it is impossible to go a day without using Google in one way or another. We use them for everything from searching directions on our phone to looking up people we might want as friends online. However, there are some aspects of how they work that many do not know about and may be surprised by – like what goes into making SERPs so informative!

The results page displayed when you enter a search term will vary based on numerous factors including your location and previous searches made (among others). There are also certain criteria used to rank each result individually such as relevance among other things which can help local SEO efforts because an individual’s geographical ranking affects their visibility with clients near where they live!

Paid search results were a hot topic in the industry this year. It is interesting to think about how much money companies are spending on them, as you can see the word ‘Ad’ right next to each one of these ads!

Paid search results have been a hotly debated issue among internet users for years now and it seems that they will be an even more contentious matter going into 2020. We know there's money involved with paid advertisements, because if any words appear alongside those ads then we know someone has spent some cash on getting their product seen by people like us who are online seeking information or products just like ours.

Google Maps is looking to expand its audience with the introduction of a local map pack. The new feature will show three websites, including addresses and phone numbers for each business location in your area so you can find what you need quickly and easily!

Google wants to make it easier than ever before when searching for information or products that are close by. With an easy-to-use interface on Google Maps, they hope their users have better access across all industries - from automotive suppliers to pet stores!

In a world where location is everything, it's important to make the most of your online presence. In local SEO, one ultimate goal in order get into that coveted top three within the local map pack and at least on page 1 once they click ‘View All’. Users rarely venture beyond Page 1 so you risk going unnoticed if you don't take advantage of this opportunity!

Organic search results are not sponsored and appear because Google deems them to be a useful and relevant source of information.
Organic search’s goal is for users' needs to be met with the most helpful, accurate content possible; however, it can sometimes seem like you're looking through an endless sea just trying to find something that's actually worth your time-- which isn't even always guaranteed!

Snippets can be useful when you have a question and Google gives an answer.A snippet is the short form of text that appears on your search results page after typing in a query. Snippets are used by companies such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! Search among others to provide quick answers for questions users might type into their engine. Find out more about it How SEO for Bing is different form google SEO

The information could come from anywhere; it just needs to fit with what was searched for - if someone types "What's today?" then they'll see snippets with the date listed below them or Google may give facts about certain holidays like Christmas day depending upon where in November December falls at any given time.

People also ask - Google also has a section where they show you similar questions to the one you asked.

Google often displays related queries when answering your question, which is useful if it's something that people are commonly searching for.

How a local company can achieve success with SEO in Southampton?

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Google My Business is a good start on becoming more visible online, but you may want to take your visibility up another level by enlisting the help of an SEO professional. Not only do they make sure that Google can find your business when someone searches for it in their area with phrases such as ‘near me’ or 'in Southampton,' but these specialists also know how to boost your presence even higher through using specific keywords and utilizing cross-platform marketing strategies.

At SEO Southampton we have a plethora of ways to optimize your business for Google search optimization. In fact, there are so many tools and techniques that it's near impossible to list them all here! That being said, let me share with you the best of what our team has come up with in order to help improve rankings on Google: 

Web audit - An SEO pro will start by conducting a thorough audit to find out how your business is performing online and you can have them investigate any existing organic search ranking, website traffic or backlinks that may point towards the success of your site.

Optimizing Titles - starting off by optimizing titles is probably one of the easiest things you can do because they're right at eye level when people scroll through their google searches; try adding keywords like "personal injury law" or "criminal defense attorney". This will make sure any time someone types those words into google while searching for an expertise related service provider from your area.

Search analysis and keywords- In order to rank high in searches, you must find out exactly what customers are searching for. They search engine results are consumer driven based on the keywords that encompass their needs and wants most often.

An SEO expert will use various online tools to dig down and discover what the most profitable keywords are. They then weave them into your overall campaign in a number of ways, including by adding rich content that includes these terms strategically throughout all aspects of site design such as page titles or headings but also onsite optimisation like making sure pages with high traffic potential rank higher than other less relevant ones.

Rich content creation -Does your website do more than present the facts? Is it full of engaging content, or is it a bare-bones affair with only one page about products and services? Do you have multiple pages detailing all that you offer while continuously updating them to keep up with current events in media, blogs, product lines etc.? If not then ranking against competitors who put their time into building an information rich site will be nearly impossible.

A good SEO campaign will include plans to introduce rich content like blogs and videos which aside from pleasing Google, will present your company as an industry expert. Visitors are more likely to stay on the website longer when there is a lot of interesting information available. 

Mobile optimisation- Most people would agree that we have a lot of patience for websites to load, but it only takes one or two seconds before the frustration sets in. We've become accustomed to quick results and intuitively displayed information.

Mobile users account for 58% of all web traffic so it's important to ensure your website works well with this demographic by considering how they use their phone differently from desktop computers when browsing social media sites or reading articles.

Google strongly supports mobile-first indexing in its ranking criteria, meaning that it looks at the quality of a website based on what they have to offer for their users who primarily use smartphones. Google does not look at desktop versions as these are typically geared towards people with higher incomes and more education than those surfing from a phone. If your company doesn't rank high enough you will be put off by others searching for local businesses online since this is how most companies find new clients today versus through word of mouth or other traditional advertising methods such as flyers which only reach out even smaller segmented audiences now.

Reviews and citations-Online reviews are a vital part of running your local business. They're especially important because the opinions of others in your neighborhood hold weight when researching services nearby. The good news is that you can use Trustpilot and other websites, such as GMB, to collect all necessary reviews from customers about what they think about their experience with you!

The links your site has online act as a valuable endorsement that Google will recognise, so in order to increase the number of citations you have on the internet, it's important for an SEO partner to seek out other trusted websites and work with them.

Website design
A lot of people think they can rank for local keywords just by implementing a few SEO tricks, but this is naive. If the website isn't designed to be user-friendly and optimized with modern techniques in mind then it won't perform well in Google's rankings no matter how many tips you try out. Luckily Targeted SEO has both web design services as well as various other avenues that will help your business dominate online search engine results pages!

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