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The UX designers at Web Design Southampton have a wide range of skills and are adept in many features.

They know how to use CSS, JavaScript, HTML5 and other features effectively so that they can create animations for your company's website.

Let us give you an overview of what we do when building the rich user experience on these sites!

Scroll-Based Parallax Animations

parallax animations

Parallax animations are very common these days. It gives a 2D illusion to the page. The background images move slowly compared to the foreground images giving the page a very beautiful 2D effect. They are most visible when you are scrolling down a page. 

More To Scrolling

More to scrolling

Another thing that we add to it that the front images or any specific bar or element on the page move as you scroll. Adding this motion element to the scrolling adds style. How we do it usually is by changing the size or styling of that specific element on-page. 

Micro Interactions

Micro Interactions

Another thing that our UX designers have developed in web design Southampton are the micro-interactions based on your cursor movement. When you move your cursor to that specific element, it shows some visual animations, which is great to catch the viewer's attention when scrolling down. 

Multistep Animations

Multistep Animations

Putting in multistep rich animations can be difficult if you are not an expert at it. It adds step by step as you do in PowerPoint, but a trained UX designer would do it better with precision and accuracy.  

Reveal Content On Click

Image Reveal Content On click

Another amazing feature that will arouse curiosity and grab attention is to reveal content on click. People will click on it out of curiosity and end up actually knowing and reading about what you had there. It is a great way to grab attention and reveal content. 

Hover Animations

Image Hover animations

Hover animations are made by CSS coding. You can make the pop-up box or any image hover over on the page, and it will show any transition or animation effects as you scroll over it. 

Add After Effects

Image Add after effects

Finally, the UX designers at web design Southampton will add after-effects to your webpage. It is the final step after adding all the animations. It gives it a better finishing touch. In this step, we align all the animations and sometimes use software to make them better.  

Develop Your Website ASAP!

Now that you know how we deal with the rich animations to make your website at web design Southampton make sure to grab this opportunity. Head over to our services page to know more about it and get your quote ASAP.

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